2013 eXtension Virtual Aquaculture Workshop

The 2013 Virtual Aquaculture Workshop held on Nov. 12-15 covers a wide variety of freshwater and mariine aquaculture topics. Below you will find links to the recordings of the webinars, PDF copies of the presentations, and reference materials provided by the presenters. If you watch the recordings we ask that you please also participate in the survey. This helps us identify areas of improvment and lets us know what topics you are interested in for future webinars and eXtension

Where can I sell the bait minnows I’ve raised?

As with any aquaculture species, it is essential to find markets for your product before raising a crop. Visit area bait shops and talk with the owners about their needs. Perhaps there is a species of baitfish that is in short supply, or not available, that you could culture for sale. However, first check with your state natural resource agency to make sure that the species is legal to raise and sell. Then check with your local Extension office for …