Prospective Aquaculture Producers

Laura Tiu, Aquaculture Specialist, Ohio State University South Centers
Dennis McIntosh, Assistant Research Professor & Extension Specialist – Aquaculture, Delaware State University

Prospective producers receiving hands on training (photo courtesy of Laura Tiu, Ohio State University)

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing segments of agriculture. This has led to increased interest from people who want to know more about aquaculture or how to become involved in the aquaculture industry. This industry is very diverse and complex; therefore, making a decision to get involved warrants a lot of research and business planning to make sure it is a viable option in your situation. Collected here are numerous resources available: fact sheets, business plan templates, manuals and videos, all of which can help you determine whether aquaculture is for you.


Extension personnel holding on pond training (photo courtesy of Laura Tiu, Ohio State University)

It’s important to spend time researching the aquaculture industry before jumping in. You need to research production systems, species, and operation management. Many skills are required for your operation to be a success. Often, starting off with a small pilot operation can give you the experience needed to be successful on a commercial scale. Please utilize the vast database of information available to you here in the Freshwater Aquaculture Community of Practice to help you accomplish your goals.

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Is Aquaculture for You? (pdf)

Planning for Success in Your Aquaculture Business (pdf)

Factors to Consider When Starting an Aquaculture Business (pdf)

Aquaculture: Realities and Potentials When Getting Started (pdf)

Small-Scale, On-Farm Fish Processing (pdf)

Using Aquaculture as a Post-Mining Land Use in West Virginia (pdf)

You Can Do Catfish (pdf)

Aquaculture Marketing (pdf)

Starting Aquaculture in Ohio (pdf).

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