Commercial Aquaculture Producers

Robert Durborow, State Extension Specialist for Aquaculture, Kentucky State
Laura Tiu, Aquaculture Specialist, Ohio State University South Centers

Feeder blowing pelleted food to a catfish pond (photo courtesy of David Cline, Auburn University)

Commercial aquaculture production is a complex business requiring many skills. Some aquaculture ventures are quite profitable, while others are currently facing serious challenges from worldwide competitors, especially from those in southeast Asia. Because of this, the eXtension website is focused on providing information to aquaculturists that can help them make a profit. Answers to frequently asked questions in areas like production practices and costs, disease and water quality management, marketing, and economics are designed to aid producers in following economically sound best management practices.

To keep this website interactive, we invite aquaculture producers to give us feedback on information that you need. We can solicit input from Cooperative Extension aquaculture specialists from around the country. These specialists provide helpful information based on research findings as well as extensive field experience. One advantage of dealing with Extension specialists is that they interact regularly with a large number of producers/farmers over a long period of time, so their perspective of the industry tends to be more accurate than that of people with a more limited, narrow experience base. We invite you to check out our eXtension website that includes links to commercial publications and websites.

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Commercial Publications

Aquaculture in the Great Lakes Region (pdf)

Aquaculture Marketing (pdf)

Best Management Practices for Aquaculture in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Region (pdf)

Cooperatives in Aquaculture (pdf)

Pond Aeration (pdf)

Powering Aquaculture Equipment (pdf)

Processing and Marketing Aquacultured Fish (pdf)

Sorting and Grading Warmwater Fish (pdf)

Transportation of Fish in Bags (pdf)  

Transportation of Warmwater Fish Equipment and Guidelines (pdf)

Using Salt to Transport Live Fish (pdf)

The following articles can be downloaded from the North Central Regional Aquaculture Center’s website

Fish-Farm Business Plan Workbook

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Niche Marketing Your Aquaculture Products

Survey of Wholesale and Retail Buyers in the Six Southern States of the North Central Region

Supermarkets and Seafood in the North Central Region